About Evelyn Cormier

The Singer/Songwriter

 Her voice has been described as rich, magical madness and her music as deep and thought provoking. This young artist will lull you to another time and place with her soulful melancholy style. Her influences are eclectic from The Cure, Lana Del Ray, The Cranberries, Dinosaur Jr, to Elvis Presley. Her unique sound is hauntingly beautiful and will leave you reminiscing and contemplating about the good things in life. 

Debut EP, Ghost

  • Champagne
  • Got To Be Gone
  • Kind Eyes
  • Carte Postal
  • Let It Run

Plus Six Singles

  1. Lost
  2. Eyes
  3. Nickels and Dimes
  4. A Little Wild
  5. Window Pains
  6. Yard Sale Guitar